Our clinic is located near the entrance to Granville Island and is a cozy, warm and intimate space. We are easily accessible from most areas of Vancouver, either by walking or biking the seawall, taking the Aquabus from Yaletown, catching public transit which stops a two minute walk away or by driving, with street meter and public lot parking outside.

We offer a specially selected and comprehensive library with books, photos and DVD’s available to borrow. In addition we continually update our community-based information should you be looking for other pregnancy and healthy family connections such as prenatal classes, yoga for pregnancy and postpartum, or new baby groups and we have been offering prenatal classes since 2014.

As your pregnancy progresses you and your midwives have the opportunity to get to know each other well, developing a relationship based on trust and experience. Combined, the midwives at Pacific have been caring for families and catching babies for over sixty years. Our goal is for you to have the best experience possible during this important time in your life and each member of our practice is committed to this. We look forward to working with you and your family through these precious months, both by sharing our own knowledge and learning from you.


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